Shop vac 903 03 19 Genie Vac Filter Promotional Codes – Shop Vac 903-03-19

Shop Vac 903-03-19 Coupon Codes April 2014

Shop-vac 903-03-19 Genie Vac Filter

Shop-vac 903-03-19 Genie Vac Filter

Shop-Vac® Corporation is the recognized world leader in wet/dry vacuum cleaners. For more than 40 years, Shop-Vac® Corporation has manufactured innovative, high quality vacuum cleaners and accessories. Shop-Vac® Corporation offers the most complete line of vacuum cleaners and accessories available for consumer, industrial and commercial applications.

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Shop Vac Coupon April 2014

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8 thoughts on “Shop vac 903 03 19 Genie Vac Filter Promotional Codes – Shop Vac 903-03-19

  1. Great Fit.

    Finally a new filter for my Genie 5000. Good snug fit. I may buy another since they seem to be hard to find.

  2. Shop Vac Filter To Fit Genie 5000

    It doesn’t fit my Genie 5000 as reported. Close but not unless I can open up the ID a bit. Since I can not locate a Genie 5000 filter it will have to work.

  3. Not A Perfect Fit

    I have an old shop vac and finding filters is a challenge. This one is supposed to fit but it takes some real effort to get it on. I guess I should really break down and buy a new shop vac.

  4. Filter Fits Great!

    My husband likes the metal base on this filter because he says he thinks it seals better. Don’t know why our local stores quit carrying the filters with the metal base.

  5. Out-of-Production Genie 5000 Shop Vacuum Filter

    Using Google I found this filter to fit my shop’s out-of-production Genie 5000 Vacuum. I ordered two filters (one for a spare). It fits and works perfectly. Just wished that I could find other replacement parts as easily.

  6. Shop-vac Filter

    It was what I was looking for, it fit perfectly and I didn’t have to leave home to find what would fit my shop-vac.

  7. Finally The Right Fit!

    I had looked everywhere and not found the exact model I needed but here it was. I don’t know why the model shopvac I have requires a slight variation in the filter from what you can buy in stores.

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